Our Team

Obesity Management at Tauranga Obesity Surgery Centre is a multi-disciplinary team approach and the following staff with our surgeon Mr. Robert Cable involved in both surgical and non surgical management of obesity.

  • Obesity Practice Coordinator, who oversees appointments, theatre bookings, nutritional/dietary support, follow-up care, etc.
  • Obesity Care Nurse provides follow-up care and support to patients throughout all phases, including dietary/nutritional information.
  • Exercise/Sports Trainer who provides guidance with exercise/activities to optimise the patient's journey to fitness.

As a team, we are committed to working together to ensure the highest level of education and care.

Christene Andrews

Christene Andrews

Christene Andrews is Practice Manager for our Clinic and coordinates between patients and Mr. Cable, for all the surgery that Mr. Cable performs. Christene's duties involve all front Office Administration and Customer Service performed in a professional and timely manner. She is the first point of contact for all our patients and is dedicated to providing support, information, help with insurance companies and assisting patients wherever possible so their journey through surgery and beyond is smooth and hassle-free. Christene is a member of OSSANZ (Obesity Surgery Society of Australia and New Zealand) and is committed to providing patient satisfaction to all weight loss patients on their journey to their goal.
Leslie Burgess

Lesley Burgess

Lesley is a Registered General Nurse and has been our Obesity Care Nurse for the past 15 years. In her role, Lesley oversees all patients following their Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery. She introduces them to the pre and post operative dietary programme required for Sleeve Gastrectomy patients, and teaches a balanced diet (along with exercise) that they will follow when they embark on their weight-loss journey. She is also responsible for and will discuss Band adjustments with patients. Lesley provides ongoing support, encouragement and education to help patients adjust their dietary requirements and develop skills to make healthy food choices and empowers patients to make life long changes. Lesley is a member of OSSANZ (Obesity Surgery Society of Australia and New Zealand)