Nova Medical Finance

About Nova

Nova Medical Finance is New Zealand's only specialist medical financier and offers the flexibility of easy payment plans for your surgery. They offer some of the lowest interest rates available and understand the unique requirements of borrowing for medical purposes.

Nova is run by doctors and other medical professionals, and works very closely with the medical profession. Nova is affiliated with some of the best and most highly trained doctors in New Zealand and works with these practices to ensure the best possible outcome for patients. Because they are specialist medical financiers they also understand the need for discretion and sensitivity when it comes to all things medical.

Financing with NOVA

With Nova, financing your surgery really is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Fill out the on-line application form.
  2. Nova will give you a call within 24 hours and advise you of the outcome, and will then send you some documentation to complete.
  3. Once Nova has received the completed documentation back from you your bank account will be direct credited with the funds for your surgery.

To apply online now, click the logo below:

Nova Medical Finance

For more information call Nova Medical Finance toll-free on:
0800 NOVAMED (668263)

It really is as easy as that

What Are the Monthly Repayments?

Nova offers a discounted interest rate of 14.75%* per annum for patients of affiliated practices like Tauranga Obesity Surgery Centre. This is one of the lowest personal loan rates in the country.


  1. Repayments are based on an interest rate of 14.75% p.a. and documentation fee of $250
  2. Rates and fees are subject to change
  3. The interest rate of 14.75% p.a. applies only to patients of affiliated practices
  4. All approvals are subject to normal lending criteria
Loan Size 12 Months 24 Months 36 Months 48 Months
$2,000.00 $202.82 $108.83 $77.72 $62.33
$3,000.00 $292.96 $157.20 $112.26 $90.04
$4,000.00 $383.10 $205.56 $146.81 $117.74
$5,000.00 $473.24 $253.93 $181.35 $145.45
$7,000.00 $653.52 $350.67 $250.44 $200.86
$10,000.00 $923.94 $495.77 $354.07 $283.97
$12,000.00 $1,104.22 $592.51 $423.15 $339.38
$15,000.00 $1,374.64 $737.61 $526.78 $422.49
$20,000.00 $1,825.34 $979.45 $699.50 $561.01