*** In my practice, LapBanding has been almost entirely replaced by LAPAROSCOPIC SLEEVE GASTRECTOMIES.

Adjustable gastric banding or the LAP-BAND® procedure : In this restrictive weight-loss procedure, a hollow band made of special material is placed around the stomach near its upper end, creating a small pouch and a narrow passage into the larger remainder of the stomach. The band is then inflated with a salt solution. It can be tightened or loosened over time to change the size of the passage by increasing or decreasing the amount of salt solution.

Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding

Advantages of the LAP-BAND® System:

  • Keyhole approach …. Less scarring or wound problems. Earlier return to work (1-2 weeks)
  • Adjustable : by filling the LAP-BAND® port the outlet size can be reduced which encourages weight-loss
  • Reversible: By removing fluid (or rarely) the LAP-BAND®.
  • No malabsorbtion
  • Lower risk


  • Easy to cheat …. if chocolates, sweets, high-calorie foods are swallowed, then weight-loss will be sub-optimal
  • Mechanical problems:
    • prolapse/slippage of stomach through the LAP-BAND®
    • pouch dilatation
    • food bolus obstruction
    • LAP-BAND® erosion
    • infection of the LAP-BAND® or port leakage
    • Revision rate 5 -10%
  • An entree portion forever

Optimal pouch capacity 30 mls

Weight loss with Laparoscopic Band may be 50-60% of excess weight in 2 years


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LAP-BAND® System

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